Our process is straight forward and easy to follow. We sends calls to a phone number designated by you. Each sales call is announced by our system and recorded.  Our call auditing system will tally the calls and send an invoice.

Pricing / Payments

You’ll only pay for real leads. Payments are controlled and are made incrementally by you. You have the choice to buy five or ten leads at a time. You can buy leads based on your budget. You can adjust your budget on how busy you are at the moment.

What is a Good Lead?

Calls that inquire about your business service, seek a quote or ask information about a product or service are considered good leads. This is only a general guideline, your calls are specific to your business and may different than described here.


If you’re curious about how well this could work for you, you should know that 50% of the searches done on the major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing are for local products and services. To put it another way, if you could add just one additional customer a week to your business you could see a major impact in your revenues over the course of the year. Imagine that revenue stream multiplied by a factor of two or three and now you can see an even larger impact to your business. While past performance is no indication of the future. Our past performance for specific keyword search customers does allow us to predict our future success.

identityHow do I know this phone call is a Clients Calling sales lead?

These sales leads are easily identifiable by the whisper message telling you this is a Clients Calling phone call.


spyWhat about Sales Calls and Spam Calls?

Any miscellaneous calls are rejected by our editors. We want you only to pay for only the best leads available so we will eliminate any extraneous sales, auto dialers and other spam calling in the editing process, you only pay for actual leads.

protectionWhat’s Your Proof?

Additionally, you are given a digital document with the date and time of call along with the actual call itself.


best priceHow do you determine price?

As you can imagine each niche is priced differently depending on the competition we encounter and the resources we deploy to entice customers to call. A personal injury lawyers will pay a higher price due to the overwhelming competition we must overcome to generate calls as opposed to a company that changes parking lot lights where we find lower competition.

trial callsDo You Have Trial Calls?

After your initial setup and speaking to us. We may, based on our conversation send you three free leads to prove the viability of our system. Each business niche is different and we will estimate the time to your first phone calls. Please ask about trial options.

good ideaWhy is this a good idea for my business?

Overall for our customers, they have a greater return on marketing investment and their marketing risk decreases.Please fill out or Discovery Form and we will return a business lead price to your email usually within 3 business days. You are welcome to always call too.