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The Changing Landscape of Digital Interface – Why it Matters to You

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It Only Matters If You Want to Stay Out In Front Of Your Customers

As always the world is changing under your feet as you watch it go by. You and everyone around you, clutching a smart phone are part of this great societal change. Each time as you pull out your mobile phone and search for the next gas station or ask your on board digital valet a question you answer the question of why it matters. Make no mistake about it, our lives will continue to change and evolve as smart phones and hand held devices expand their foothold into our lives.  The Question on your mind should be then,  how do you capitalize on this paradigm shift to smaller search gadgets?

To keep out front of this new wave of user interface you will need to optimize your site for mobile.  This may include a complete rework of your digital footprint to serve your mobile based customers or if your a smaller website then you may want to use a mobile processing agent to Mobilize your website. This is a straight forward way to go mobile with the smallest investment. For the those larger sites a reworked to specifically address mobile is the better choice. Reworked websites can load at the same time as regular PC based website and on server scripts recognizing the device will deliver the appropriate pages made for that device. In some cases a deeper look into your analytics will distinctly show your users are heavy Apple Ipad users and you can make a sister mobile site ultra Ipad friendly.

The motivating reason to take on this new work is one based on past history of how society’s quickly changing use of technology. If we make one clearly good assumption based on the facts before us, it is this.  Mobile will continue to grow based on present trends. From this one knowledge based assumption we can clearly see the writing is on the wall to optimize or lose what market share  you have at this time.

Fun Facts to Motivate You into Optimizing for Mobile

  • Over half of mobile searches lead to purchases
  • Local searches are projected to exceed 84 billion in 2015
  • Mobile ads preformed 4-5 times better than online ads
  • Thanksgiving 2014 saw mobile traffic exceed Desktop traffic. That same Cyber Monday saw mobile traffic at 41% of all traffic
  • Over One Half of the Millennial Age Group use their smart phone to search the web. Compare this to the PC heavy use of the older generations.
  • Online Users Spent More Time watching online content than watching TV in Quarter 3 of 2014
  • Forbes extrapolates by 2018 video delivered by mobile devices will be 69% of all traffic. This will be a rate of increase of 53% when compared to 2013.

If you want to stay ahead of the changing landscape of Digital Interface you’ll need to plan now and change your online strategy.  Delay will only cause you revenue in the long term.

Mobile Marketing Statistic Sources

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Top 5 Statistical Sites  Involving Mobile

Here are the top five mobile statistic sites to learn from. you want to stay head of business from the mobile digital age will soon find yourself researching a vast amount of information. These are some of our favorite sites involving the mobile takeover of the Internet.

  • Google Mobile Planet. Google’s own creation where we can learn about smart phone adaptation and usage across 48 countries globally. Aggregated data started in 2011.
  • International Telecoms Union or ITU for short.   ITU provides statistics from over 200 economies around the world using over 100 indicators. Gain access to statistics including Internet use, broadband, mobile cellular and mobile broadband networks with a free membership.  ITU additionally develops standards and methodologies to measure the information in our digital and broader economy.
  • Xyologic  At XYO you can find reports about smart phone applications known in short hand as apps. These download reports are free to the community of developers and business reporters and the consumer.
  • comScore Analytics for the digital world including video, mobile phones, tablets and more. Highly useful information for trend predictions.
  • Smartinsights If your looking to find out more about digital marketing then a trip to smartinsights should increase your marketing IQ. There you find a wealth of information ranging from improving your business to transforming your business into roaring digital marketing engine.  Resources include free downloads, strategy toolkits and more.

2013 Mobile Statics in Review

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Brief Overview for Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2013 

In 2013 the world was about to be overtaken by mobile smart phones and tablets. Predictions were being called out by technology analyst as early as 2008 that mobile would overtake desktop and tablet use.  What is come since has been nothing short of a game changer in online marketing.

Since 2007 mobile users by the hundred millions have increased globally. At nearly 400,000,000 in force 2007 the resulting change by 2013 was an astounding  1.6 billion. An increase of 1.2 billion in just six years. In that same time desktops grew globally from 1.1 billion to 1.6 billion. An increase of only 500 million in the same time. With the continuing growth of mobile by 2015 predictions using the same growth of rate mobile users for the earlier period are expected to be nearly 1.9 billion globally.

While you may have had a Internet friendly website since 2007 if you are not prepared for mobile, your market share could of been drastically hit over the last few years.  Additionally insights from comScore statistics show that marketers need to build up their digital domain’s multi platform use as mobile use in retail grows.  If you’re not already, you need to ask yourself this one question are you tracking mobile users on your site and if you’re not missing the larger picture of how you can capitalize on this new search segment.