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Mobile Marketing Statistic Sources

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Top 5 Statistical Sites  Involving Mobile

Here are the top five mobile statistic sites to learn from. you want to stay head of business from the mobile digital age will soon find yourself researching a vast amount of information. These are some of our favorite sites involving the mobile takeover of the Internet.

  • Google Mobile Planet. Google’s own creation where we can learn about smart phone adaptation and usage across 48 countries globally. Aggregated data started in 2011.
  • International Telecoms Union or ITU for short.   ITU provides statistics from over 200 economies around the world using over 100 indicators. Gain access to statistics including Internet use, broadband, mobile cellular and mobile broadband networks with a free membership.  ITU additionally develops standards and methodologies to measure the information in our digital and broader economy.
  • Xyologic  At XYO you can find reports about smart phone applications known in short hand as apps. These download reports are free to the community of developers and business reporters and the consumer.
  • comScore Analytics for the digital world including video, mobile phones, tablets and more. Highly useful information for trend predictions.
  • Smartinsights If your looking to find out more about digital marketing then a trip to smartinsights should increase your marketing IQ. There you find a wealth of information ranging from improving your business to transforming your business into roaring digital marketing engine.  Resources include free downloads, strategy toolkits and more.